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We welcome you to the "East Coast Amateur Radio Service" web site.

ECARS began operation in 1968 as an Amateur Radio public service net for mobile operators on 7.255 MHz.

You need not be an ECARS member or mobile to check into the nets. We look forward to your checking in on 7.255 MHz.

If you have some time and enjoy the ECARS net please consider becoming an NCS even if you're just a backup. Contact John W1JPZ see "Help Wanted" below for contact information. It would be helpful to have some backup NCS to fill in when someone isn't available. Over the past few months there have been a few occasions that the "Swap and Shop" had no NCS. If you have some time and want to give it a try let John know.
t's the many volunteers that keep ECARS a very popular 40 M net.



ECARS on Location
ECARS was represented at the RF Hill Hamfest on Oct 18 in Sellersville, PA buy the following members:
Paul Gerhardt - K3PG
Vic Klien - WA4THR
Ken Merring - KM3F
                      -Click for Image-

"Swap and Shop" is now held the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 10 AM - 11 AM.

Next "Swap and Shop" will be held on December 5th.

Saturday & Sunday nets from 8 AM - Noon

Annual Dues

ECARS is happy to announce that effective April 1, 2013 the annual dues are now $3.00 per year. You can pay for multiple years in advance. For example, a 3 year membership is only $9.00. On the PayPal® form change the quantity to 3 for a 3 year membership.
But best bargin is the Life membership.  ECARS is also offering a Life Membership for a one time dues payment of $30.00. On the PayPal®
form change the quantity to 10 for a Life Membership. 


Show Us Your Shack

All of us take pride in our Shack so share your pride with your fellow "ECARS Members" only. Follow the link on the left to view member's shacks. See the instructions for submitting your "Shack" photo for inclusion in the slide show on the "Show Us Your Shack" page.
Eleven Shack photos of non-members were removed. (11-24-2015)


Help Wanted!

ECARS is always looking for help. Members in good standing are always invited to serve as Net Controls. Please contact John, W1JPZ if you are interested. 


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"Official Notice"
"ECARS Nominations & Election"
(Updated 11/03/2015)
Nominations are now open for the offices of President, Vice-president, Secretary/Treasurer and two Directors until November 25, 2015 . To hold any of these positions a nominee must be an ECARS member for one year and that will be verified by the ECARS Secretary. If you wish to nominate someone email one of the members of the Nomination Commitee listed below. In the email include the nominee's name, callsign and ECARS number if possible. Please do not nominate someone that is not interested in that position. If there are two or more nominees for any of these positions then an email ballot election will be held from December 1st - December 30th 2015. After ballots are counted the winners will assume their posts on January 15, 2016. The openings for the 2 directors

Luke Lauretano, KA1SE
   Vic Klein, WA4THR
The other 3 Directors terms don't expire for another year so they shouldn't be nominated for another office per the ECARS bylaws:
   Gary Kulling, K3TCU
   Wells Farr, WB3CUF
   John Zorger, WA1STU

the ECARS board has decided to keep the resolution in effect that maintains the position of Secretary/Treasurer as one office.

Nomination Committee:
(None as of 11/11/2015)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Attention members and avid SWL there is an "ECARS" Facebook group. For those interested in joining you can either search for "ECARS7255" without quotes or click on the Facebook link on the left side of this page.
"Swap & Shop" has been updated for 11/21/2015
thanks John WA1STU.
ECARS Web Site 
The ECARS webmaster is Jack Tyler KB3USA
Radio Inteference Protocol

To ensure the safe opeation of the ECARS nets you should familarize yourself with the protocol for dealing with radio inteference. Please follow the link to the protocol. Read it. Embrace it. This is the protocol that NCS operators will be following. It will only be effective if we support them. Click here for Protocol.

General Membership Meeting
"To Be Announced Later"

ECARS has received a gift from Lloyd Bankson Roach, K3QNT, ECARS #3823,  consisting of the recording of a historical commercial radio broadcast which he wrote and directed in April of 1969.  It was broadcast over WERS-FM and WBZ-AM in Boston, Massachusetts.  It is entitled,  “200 Meters and Down.”
It has been donated to ECARS for historical purposes only.  It features amateur radio operators in the Philadelphia and Boston area including ECARS founding member Jim Lightfoot, WA1KRN, then VP/Gen Mgr of WBZ Radio. Not only does it cover Amateur Radio in general but has a generous discussion about ECARS, its  origin and its purposes.
The recording is available for download by clicking the link below. It is a large audio file (24 MB) and could take a few minutes depending on your connection.The file is in MP3 format.
If you wish to listen to the audio file, just click the link. However, if you wish to download the file then right-click and choose "Save Target as..." or "Save Link as..."
 200 Meters and Down.
ECARS is very grateful to Lloyd, K3QNT, for his generous gift.


Need a Membership Certificate?

Gary KJ8D has created a really nice membership certificate that he is happy to share with the members. Simply send him your name, call sign, ECARS number, and membership expiration date and he will email you a color certificate suitable for framing that you can print out. The certificate is a Word Document and measures 8˝" x 11". To see a sample "Certificate" click here. Gary's email address is Thank you Gary!

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