ECARS 7.255 MHz The next Roll Call is February 14, 2015 on 7.255 at 10:00 AM.ECARS 7.255 MHz Apply for ECARS Membership by clicking on the "APPLICATION / RENEWAL" button on the left side of this page ECARS 7.255 MHz
 Welcome to ECARS 

We welcome you to the East Coast Amateur Radio Service web site.

ECARS began operation in 1968 as an Amateur Radio public service net for mobile operators on 7.255 MHz.

You need not be an ECARS member or mobile to check into the nets. We look forward to your checking in on 7.255 MHz.

Luke is not a stranger to the Network Manager position and we wish him the best of luck. And John you deserve a good rest. Thanks for your outstanding efforts.

Proposed Change to
ECARS Bylaws

This has been recommended by the board and we need to publisize this for 30 days before asking for a membership vote and some of this is needed clarification to be elegible for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. The current language is shown in black with the proposed changes in red.


The Corporation shall not be conducted or operated for profit, and no part of any net income or monetary surplus from dues or donations shall inure to the benefit of any member or individual. The organization shall operate under the Internal Revenue Rules for a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

All official positions of the Corporation shall be filled solely on a voluntary, uncompensated basis

Upon the dissolution of this organization, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose.

Posted 6 December 2014.  The vote on this proposed change will take place in January 2015.


ECARS at HamCation in Orlando
WA2DRU, Bill, will be attending HamCation hamfest in Orlando.   He will be representing ECARS.   Please stop by and say hello.   HamCation is being held from February 13 - 15.
Annual Dues

ECARS is happy to announce that effective April 1, 2013 the annual dues are now $3.00 per year.   You can pay for multiple years in advance.  For example, a 3 year membership is only $9.00.  On the PayPal TM form change the quantity to 3 for a 3 year membership


But best bargin is the Life membership.  ECARS is also offering a Life Membership for a one time dues payment of $30.00.   On the PayPal TM form change the quantity to 10 for a Life Membership. 



Call Sign Searching
QRZ call sign lookup:


ECARS 7.255 MHz

ECARS member lookup



Show Us Your Shack

All of us take pride in our Shack so share you pride with your fellow ECARS members. Follow the link on the left to view member's shacks.

You can send a picture of your Shack to Vince,, for inclusion in the slide show.

Help Wanted!

ECARS is always looking for help.    Members in good standing are always invited to serve as Net Controls.   Please contact John, W1JPZ if you are interested. 



Bylaw Changes


You will find the draft of the ECARS bylaws changes at the let.   It has been posted for a month so it is time to go for the vote.

Below you will find a link to vote on this issue.  

             Vote for Bylaw changes
Election Results

The ECARS elections are complete and we are pleased to announce the following results.

For the Board of Directors:

There were four (4) candidates for the three (3) open positions.

The Top Three Vote Getters and Those Elected to the Board are:

  K3TCU, Gary Kulling, 3145         65 votes
  WA1STU, John Zorger 1489       59 votes
  WB3CUF, Wells Farr 3782           53 votes

The fourth candidate was:

W1EBM, Gary Smetana 10016   42 votes

There were a total of 73 respondents to the voting site.


There was only one candidate for each of the following offices. There was 1 vote cast for each by a member of the board or by Charlie, W4FI, the ECARS Treasurer.
The results are as follows:

  PRESIDENT   K3PG    Paul H. Gerhardt    3657

  VICE PRES    W1JPZ  John P Zabriskie    1955

  SEC / TREAS  W4FI     Charles Stampf      2002

We wish to thank all of the outgoing officers for there service to the group and welcome all of the incoming officers with our best wishes.

Radio Inteference Protocol


To ensure the safe opeation of the ECARS nets you should familarize yourself with the protocol for dealing with radio inteference.   Please follow the link to the protocol.   Read it.  Embrace it.


This is the protocol that NTS opertors will be following.   It will only be effective if we support them.


Radio Interference Protocol


General Membership Meeting

The ECARS board decided to hold a Genera. Membership Meeting.   This "General Membership Meeting" will be held  on July 12th during the Roll Call period at 10 AM.  

ECARS has received a gift from Lloyd Bankson Roach, K3QNT, ECARS #3823,  consisting of the recording of a historical commercial radio broadcast which he wrote and directed in April of 1969.  It was broadcast over WERS-FM and WBZ-AM in Boston, Massachusetts.  It is entitled,  200 Meters and Down.

 It has been donated to ECARS for historical purposes only.  It features amateur radio operators in the Philadelphia and Boston area including ECARS founding member Jim Lightfoot, WA1KRN, then VP/Gen Mgr of WBZ Radio.   Not only does it cover Amateur Radio in general but has a generous discussion about ECARS, its  origin and its purposes.

The recording is available for download by clicking the link below.    It is a large audio file (24 MB) and could take a few minutes depending on your connection.  The file is in MP3 format.

If you wish to listen to the audio file, just click the link.    However, if you wish to download the file then right-click and choose "Save Target as..." or "Save Link as..."

 200 Meters and Down.

 ECARS is very grateful to Lloyd, K3QNT, for his generous gift.


Need a Membership Certificate?

Gary KJ8D has created a really nice membership certificate that he is happy to share with the members. Simply send him your name, call sign, ECARS number, and membership expiration date and he will email you a color certificate suitable for framing that you can print out. Gary's email address is Thank you Gary!

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