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Welcome to ECARS
We would be pleased to have you check into the ECARS net.  ECARS is an open service. If you enjoy "ECARS," consider joining.  See 'Become an ECARS Member' below and the  "Membership: Application / Renewal" menu option above.  7/276/2016
New/Renewed Members
Welcome to our new and renewed members
(2/1/2017 - 2/17/2017):
Call Name Call Name Call Name
AB1CQ Gary WJ3O Mike W1DBG Jim
KA3WSO Herb K8KHW Randy WB4UHW John
WA3X Paul        
Seeing Impaired?
A blind ECARS member recently pointed out that the 'Jaws' web page reader, that he used to navigate the ECARS website, would not read the drop down menus of the main menu bar, reducing his ability to get to all areas on the website.    Accordingly, we have implemented a secondary menu system that is readable by the Jaws web page reader.  This secondary menu is accessed by clicking on the 'Sight Impaired' menu option above.  1/6.2017
When Did You 1st Operate ECARS?
ECARS has nearly 50 years of operating history, going back to 1968.  Who can demonstrate that they worked, or were members of, ECARS back in the "good old days"?  Rick, K3IW, has made an impressive claim of QSOs back to 1969 Jeff, K2CGH, has ECARS QSL cards from 1972/73 when serving as an NCS in his mid-teens after school.   Who else has old history with ECARS?
 8/1/2016   Modified 12/22/2016
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ECARS Home Page 647
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About ECARS 34
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Since 08/1/2016

Official Announcements
ECARS Service
The backbone of ECARS is service by its members for its members. 1/15/2017
Net Control Operators Needed
 To volunteer, contact the Net Manager at

Host Needed for Swap and Shop   To volunteer, contact the Net Manager at bobgn1@cox.net

ECARS Grants  The East Coast Amateur Radio Service, Inc. can provide financial support for worthy amateur radio related initiatives. The focus of this grant program is to support Amateur Radio and other non-profit organizations with programs to educate, license and otherwise support Amateur Radio activities with emphasis on youth-based projects.   See menu item 'Organization: Apply for a Grant'.

Swap and Shop  Submit items for sell, or trade or purchase to Swap and Shop by email to the Webmaster.  He will post them on the Swap and Shop page for you.  2/6/2016

End of Official Announcements
Become an ECARS Member
The annual dues are $3.00 per year, and you can subscribe for 1 or 3 years, or for a lifetime membership. Applications can be submitted either by mailing a paper application form, or by submitting electronically using the PayPal® application option. 

If using the PayPal® option, use the 'Membership Level' drop  down box to select either a 1 year, 3 year, or lifetime membership.  Be sure you always provide your current call sign when submitting an application or renewal.

See the 'Membership: Application / Renewal' menu option. After submitting your application, you can check that your membership has commenced using the 'ECARS Member Lookup' option above in this column, but be patient.  It will take a while for it to show up.
Member Information Changes
If you have changed your Call Sign or email address please see "Membership: Update Membership Data" page for instructions about how to update them. 7/16/2016
ECARS Membership Certificates
See additional and revised ECARS Membership Certificate options at Membership: Order Membership Certificate.  New options include signed certificates, on various papers, in either portrait or landscape, and mailed to you. 9/1/2016
Show Us Your Shack
It is always a pleasure to see how other Hams have set up their Shacks.  So, ECARS has a section of the website dedicated to showing pictures of member's shacks.  If you have not done so already, share your pride and joy on the website. 

Follow the menu option above to view member's shacks. See the instructions for submitting your "Shack" photo for inclusion in the slide show on the "Operations: Show Us Your Shack" page. This is for ECARS members only. 
Propagation Information
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