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This page is a tribute to Our Slient Keys. Each, in their own way, has contributed to the hobby of Amateur Radio and ECARS. If you know of an ECARS member who has recently passed, wish to have us show a tribute to past Silent Keys not included here or add information to the listed members please send your information to ECARS Webmaster for inclusion on this page. Thank you.

RIP to all past members listed here.   


•   SK - Gerald H. Owens W3GHO, ECARS member 3984 has become a silent key May/2023
   RIP Gerald.


•   SK - Dave Van Etten AC2BX, ECARS member 20961 has become a silent key Feb/2021 Dave was a member of The Maine Patato Net and the Graveyard net. He will be missed by all. Reported by Francis Silver Jr.
   RIP Dave.

•   SK - James W Hatton Jr, KK4IFF, became a Silent Key on 30 January 2021. The obituary link is provided here. and The Funeral Home Memorial here. Jim was a regular check in for the ECARS Net. Most of the Net Controllers will remember him.
   RIP Jim.

•   SK - Danny Herman, K4DHT, became a Silent Key on 13 January 2021. The obituary link is provided here.
   RIP Danny.


•   SK - Roger Lawson, KD9LWJ, became a Silent Key on 28 Oct 2020. The obituary link is provided here.
   RIP Roger.

•   SK - Tony Migliaccio, WX2MIG, ECARS #20954 (lifetime) Tony entered the SK ranks on Saturday 3 October and will be greatly missed by his family and those who knew him on the air. His obituary can be seen here.
   RIP Tony.

•   Fred Souza, K1FCS, ECARS # 1727, member since 2003, SK 8/26/2020 here.
   RIP Fred.

•   ECARS is sad to announce Lewis Pressdee, W8LBJ as a SK as of 8/23/2020. A link to his obituary is provided below in his daughter's email to Luke, KA1SE. He was ECARS number 8061.
Lewis' Obituary at here.
   RIP Lewis.

•   It is with sadness that we announce that Bob Reynolds, WB3DYE, a reporter for WNEP-TV for many years, has become a Silent Key on Sunday, August 2, 2020. Reported by Vic Klein.
You may read about him here and here.
   RIP Bob.


•   Patrick Wilson, W4PW became a Silent Key on September 15, 2019.
   RIP Pat.

•   George Bobek, WB8TIV, Royal Oak Michigan, who has checked in with many of us, became a Silent Key on Monday, May 6, 2019 at age 92. A brief funeral home obituary notice can be seen here.
   RIP Bob.

•   Bob Morecock, KI4F - Life ECARS Member, Bob Morecock, KI4F, member number 4700, became a Silent Key on 6 April 2019. Some of you will have known Bob, or worked him on the air. His obituary can be viewed here.
   RIP Bob.

•   Jim Wyckoff , K3BT - Reported by his wife, Jim Wyckoff became a Silent Key on 7 January 2019. He had been a life member since 2014.
   RIP Jim.

•   Bill Munro , KB2TEW - Reported by his wife, Ann Alexander, I am sad to inform you that my husband, Bill Munro died on 21 February 2019"
   RIP Bill.

•   Wilbet Wells , W3DBP - Reported by his wife, Ellen, I am sad to inform you that my husband, Wilbert Wells W3DBP died on 24 November 2019"
   RIP Wilbert.


•   Ellis Rud, N1MWJ, who was a frequent check in on ECARS and wrote an article for our web site earlier this year, became a Silent Key on November 27, 2018.
   RIP Ellis.

•   Michael Pechura, WA8BXN - Friend and regular ECARS check in from Willoughby Hills, Ohio became a Silent Key on February 8, 2018."
   RIP Mike.

•   Mark Alford, N1VCJ - Mark Powers Alford died peacefully at home surrounded by his family on May 26, 2018 following a battle with cancer. You can read his obituary here.
   RIP Mark.

•   Dick Blanchard, W1VVX - Dick was a member of ECARS for 17 years, an active Net Control Operator and was a serving ECARS Director at the time of his death. December 19, 2018. You can read his obituary here.
   RIP Dick.


•   Steve Perkins, W1PRK, #1980 - Long time Member of ECARS passed away December 21, 2017 of complications from a severe automobile accident. Steve was very active on ECARS 7.255. As many have noted, "Steve was one of the good guys."
   RIP Steve.

•   Danny Shrader WA4SDE - Long time Member of ECARS passed away December 6, 2017. Danny was active in ECARS during its early days and continued with check-ins with K3YUB up until 2016. Danny will be remembered by many for his wit, honesty and love for amateur radio.
   RIP Danny.

•   George Ford K2QIJ lifetime member #2756 of Lightfoot VA passed away July 15, 2017. He was 76 years old. You can read his obituary   here.
   RIP George.

•   Pauline Bateman N2KKL lifetime member #20614 of Waterville NY passed away April 16, 2017. She was 75 years old.
   RIP Pauline.



•   Don Dally - KC2OEB of Tonawanda NY became a SK on October 27, 2015. Life Member.
    RIP Don.

•   Bob Irwin - N3ZUA of Taneytown, MD passed away October 14, 2015
    RIP Bob.

•   Wilfred D Rhodes - K2FRT of Webster, NY passed away on March 1, 2015. Life Member #20686
    RIP Wilfred.

•   Bill Bowen - K8WHB of CHESTERLAND, OH member #8229. SK March 21, 2015
    RIP Bill.

•   Thomas A. Korceki - KC8QGJ of Chardon, OH March 2015
    RIP Tom.


•   Ken Mabie W2PSU Rochelle Park, NJ passed away 6/29/2014.  He ran swap & shop and was a popular net controller. Just a great guy to check-in with.
    RIP Ken.


•   Ken Williams, W3CCI, passed away 4/11/2013.  Ken was active as an NCS on ECARS.  He loved his German Shepards and Ham Radio.  He retired from NSA.  See his obituary here.
    RIP Ken.


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