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The East Coast Amateur Radio Service, Inc. can provide financial support for worthy amateur radio related initiatives. The focus of this grant program is to support Amateur Radio and other non-profit organizations with programs to educate, license and otherwise support Amateur Radio activities with emphasis on youth-based projects. Preference is also given to requests that benefit the ECARS service area and to groups which hold 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Grant funds are budgeted for this purpose each year from the ECARS general operating fund, or from donations to ECARS that are specifically directed to the grant fund, and applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors quarterly. Awards will be announced in first month of the next quarter.  Evaluation of received grant applications is scheduled for 15 March, 15 June, 15 September, and 15 December.

Those organizations selected will receive a check which is to be applied toward the purpose described in the application, and a report should be made back to ECARS afterwards indicating how the funds were used and the results of the program. Pictures are welcomed and ECARS will assume that they represent authorization to use that information on the ECARS website and in published literature.

To be considered for a grant, an applicant must fill out a grant request form.  An application form is provided by a link at the bottom of this page. After applying the preparer will receive emails, to the provided email addresses, with the details as received, and a grant request number. Further correspondence should reference this number.  In filling out the grant application,the Budget Detail Excel file is limited to 30,000 bytes, and all other uploads are recommended to not exceed 500 KB.  The use of quotes (") and other special characters, should be avoided in the Grant Application as they will be converted to other symbols as part of the security package.

Click here for Grant Application

Click here for an example of a filled in Grant Application.

If an applicant needs to submit supplemental information in support or modification of the original Grant Application, he may do so by email to the Grant Administrator, or preferably by use of the Supplemental Information webpage.  Either will get the information to the Grant Administrator but use of the Supplemental Information webpage will also result in a file copy being kept on the ECARS server for posterity and historical continuity.

Hints for Successful Grant Application:
1.  Technical
    a.  There is a hard limit on the aggregate file sizes of files that can be uploaded in either the Grant Application webpage or the Grants Supplemental Informtion webpage. 

     b. The applicant should limit the size of files to be uploaded to the maximum extent practical. We recommend 500 KB per upload file.  Files will be attached to an email and sent to the Grants Coordinator.  If the aggregate file size is exceeded, the program will crash and have to be restarted.  

    c.  The serial number for your grant application is a concatenation of [Your Organization Name][ - ][4 digit number].  When using the Supplemental Information submission form, be sure to carefully put this serial number into the indicated field of the Suplemental Information form. Upper case, lower case, spaces, and dashes should be replicated on the Supplemental Information form exactly as they appear on the backroute email that you receive.

Grant Examples

EAAR Field Day 2017 - Boy Scouts

RSSC Grant Report

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