Officers & Appointments
Chronology of Officer / Appointees Since 1969


   President:  Vic Klein, WA4THR
   Vice Pres:  George Miller, W3GWM
   Secretary/Treasurer: Bob Goodwin, N4HCI


  Directors  (2 year term of office)

   Jim Freed, KA1MQ, 1st year
   Bill Riches, WA2DVU, 1st year
   Jack Spitznagel, KD4IZ, 1st year 
   Jeff Doran, NJ2US, 2nd year
   Paul  Gerhardt, K3PG, 2nd year



   Net Manager: Jim Freed, KA1MQ     Assistant Net Manager:  Bob Goodwin, N4HCI
   Public Relations / Historian: Jim Freed, KA1MQ
   Acting Webmaster: Bob Goodwin, N4HCI
   Grants Administrator:  Vic Klein, WA4THR


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