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For Sale
W2RWA --- Dick Arthur In Ballston Lake   NY
For Sale: SPE Expert Linear 2K. FA
Condition: Excellent
1. Includes True Speech input for Anon XCVR
2. 220 Volt
3. Internal Auto Antenna Tuner
Price: $4000 or best offer - PickUp Only
w2rwa@yahoo.com or Call 5183994473

For Sale
NU3Q --- Bob In Carnegie   pa
For Sale: Anytone 878 UV Plus DMR/Analog HT and Skybridge Hotspot
Condition: Excellent
1. Radio - Comes with radio   battery   manual   drop-in rapid charger   programming cable and PTT Bluetooth switch and cable.
2. Hotspot - comes with manual   AC and DC adapters/cables   battery and Ethernet cable
3. Everything in original packaging
4. Cell 412-736-7385
Price: $300 + shipping + Shipping
nu3q@nu3q.us or Call 4122799016