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Net Operations:

ECARS Net Operations consists of one or more of the following:

a.    Routine check-in to the ECARS net by radio amateurs to include identifying information, signal reports, and brief exchanges of interest to the operator and NCS

b.    Net announcements by the Net Control Station

c.    National Traffic Service message passing, and associated communications to that purpose, as necessary and appropriate

d.    Special purpose communications approved by the ECARS Board of Directors, such as ‘Swap and Shop’ Roll Call of ECARS members.

Net Control Operators:

The Net Control Operator is that authorized ECARS' member who volunteers his time and effort to provide a service for his fellow ECARS members and other amateur radio operators by coordinationg Net Operations.  Net Control Operators are the fundamental prerequisite to all ECARS Net Operations without whom there would be no East Coast Amateur Radio Service.

Net Manager: Bob Goodwin, N4HCI
757-817-5249  Cell