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      Google Maps provide an excellent means to map the location of the NCS's Check-Ins, either by Lat/Long, or by QTH City and State.  A utility has been provided on the ECARS website (see link below) that displays the NCS location and the Check-in locations by a small teardrop icon and with a line connecting them, showing the line of bearing to the Check-In.  As each Check-In is entered, the distance between the NCS and the Check-Ins is shown just above the map.

      The map has a Point A input box, a Point B input box, a Calculate Action Button, and a Clear Map Action Button.  The NCS puts his Lat/Long, or his QTH City and State in the Point A box.  The NCS then puts each Check-In QTH City and State in the Point B Box and either hits the Enter key or clicks the Calculate Action Button.  A space is needed between the City and State in the Point A and Point B input boxes, but no comma is expected.

      Clicking the 'Clear Map' will clear all previous data and is irreversible once done.

      Google Maps provides built in support for zooming in or out with the thumbwheel and dragging the map to recenter it.  As you zoom in on a Google Map, greater detailis provided and it can be informative to zoom in on a new check in to see cities and sites in near vicinity to the Check In.

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      The Modified ECARS Logger (see NCS Logging Software in the NCS Operations / Tool page), Version 2.0 and later, includes an election option to display the Contact Mapping Utility and to automatically plot the location of each Check In when the NCS completes the Check-In process.  No separate action is required by the operator to put data into the Point A and Point B text input fields.


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