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ECARS Grant Application for 2017
Application Date: 12 February 2017
Applying Organizational Information
   Organizational Name:  The Children's Museum               Serial No.: The Children's Museum-2290
   Mailing Address:
     Street Address: 2 West 7th Street
     City: Bloomsburg
     State: PA
     Zipcode: 17815
   Telephone: 570-259-1382
   Primary Email:
   Secondary Email:
   Website URL:
Project Information:
   Project Name: Hams and STEM (sample)
   Project Summary:
   The Children's Museum conducts several after-school camps and clubs, including one called
"Infectious Intelligence"; that targets Jr. and Sr. High School Students with projects
designed to encourage participation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities.
We propose a project to build SDR radios using Arduino boards and using these to further train
students in radio and computers. Classes will focus both on the design and construction aspects as
well as learning information to enable becoming licensed as Amateur Radio Operators at the end. We
are working with the local CMARC (Columbia Montour Amateur Radio Club) to provide some instructors,
materials and to administer the tests at the end.
   Project Impact:
   This will introduce the excitement of modern communication equipment in a fun environment to
students who may initially become Ham Radio Operators, but even more important may pursue STEM
   Project Measures:
   We hope to have 10-15 students involved with 50% who will become Ham Radio Operators and able to
communicate with others in their group with radio equipment they have built. We will get at least
one published report from a local newspaper about the class, and will submit stories and pictures
for additional coverage to TV stations and national magazines.
Key Personnel:
   Organization's President: Victor Klein
   Organization's Treasurer: Mary Osborne
   Project Leader: Ginny Weibel
   Proposal Prepared By: Victor Klein
   Preparer's Email:
   Preparer's Telephone: 570-259-1382
Financial Data
     Total Project Budget (including requested grant): $3950
     Total Requested Grant: $1000
 Budget Narrative:
$2250 Project boards, 15 @ $150
     600 Course Leader for 12 sessions
     500 Books and materials
     600 After Hours Museum rental
$1500 Course fee @ $100/student
   1200 Museum supplied "in kind"
     250 Literature donation from CMARC
    1000 ECARS Grant

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