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For Sale
Hammerland HQ-170A w/Clock $200
Hallicrafters S-20R (1939) $50
Pick up or U Ship

K3VOX / Lee / 443-871-4940

For Sale
Swan 350 just back from John Bruchy (the Swan Guy) $350 plus shipping from MD 


K3PG --> Paul  in  CENTREVILLE, MD - (410) 758 4996 phgerhardt@gmail.com

 SALE:  Ten Tec Titan Amplifier (original model) and Power Supply
  Excellent Condition with low hours
  $1500.00 plus shipping or pick up in MD


Hams looking for Items

W2GIO /      / W2GIO777@gmail.com

Looking for a 9002 tube, which is a short 7 pin minature.

KC2HzY / Greg / GPSZYK@yahoo.com

Looking for info and or pix of AL82 optional boards. Load Protector and Bias Board. Thinking of installing and want more
info from a user if possible.
K1PIX / Steve / truckman6977@yahoo.com

Looking for a Screwdriver Ant for my truck. Let me know what you have.


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