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Swap & Shop on air operation is suspended.  Pending identification of a volunteer to run the service, submit Swap and Shop items for sale, or trade, or being sought, to Bob Goodwin at bobgn1@cox.net.
Swap & Shop Use Policy & Basic Listing Requirements
Submit the description of the items along with your name, call sign, sale price and contact info to: Swap & Shop , Bob, N4HCI. They will be added to the "Swap & Shop" page on the website. (No pictures will be posted).

Items submitted will be listed for two weeks, or until a week after they are sold. Listings may be extended if Webmaster is notified, or if they are resubmitted.  Notification of equipment sales/trade are appreciated.

List Date:  1 November, 2016      
Items For Sale
KD3GZ-->Derek in Elmira NY.  (607) 733-9567  s.jon1949@yahoo.com
Following being sold as part of 'cleaning out' of the shack.
1.    Yaesu FT-950
      - as new. Bought new Jan 2013.
      - Comes with Mic, Manual and box.
      -  $800 shipped or $750 if local pickup or $800 shipped
 2.   Timewave ANC4
     - as new
     - $85 shipped
 3.  Jetstream JT270M 2/440 Dual band
     - as new
     - $65 shipped 
posted 21 Nov 2016

K3HQC--> Allen in Leola, PA.  (717) 656-6359  k3hqc@outlook.com
Palstar AT2K Tuner  in like new condition with internal 4:1 current balun. 

posted 1 Nov 2016

W3LI --> Andy in Long Pond, PA. (570) 369-8682  W3LI@arrl.net
MFJ 4275MV 75 AMP Power Supply,  $200 plus shipping
      NEW IN THE BOX. Never used.
      I bought this supply to power my TEN TEC Hercules 2 Amp.
      Subsequently found   the compatible Ten Tec supply.
I paid $259.95 + shipping.

      I no longer need the MFJ. Pictures and Specs are on the MFJ Web Site and also in QST.
      Will sell for $200.00 plus shipping, CONUS only. PayPal, USPS money order will be Ok.
posted 26 Oct 2016, verified 11/21/2016




Hams Wanted to Buy Items (WTB)

W3GWM –> George in Wyalusing, PA    gwm0508@ptd.net,  (570) 746-0212
    SCS Pactor Modem, Pactor 3 or upgradeable to Pactor 3

posted 10/16/2016, verified 11/21/2016


Hams Looking For a Trade
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