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K8MSF has an Ameritron ATR 20 tuner and is asking $200.
His email is:  anneg@zooninternet.net




Bill WT2S, has an Icom PW-1 hf amp. 1000 watts and works 160 through 10m.  Built in auto tuner and includes remote operation. Wired for 220V, can be used on 120V with reduced power output. Asking $1500 shipped.

His email is: w2ts@htva.net



Dennis AA2EE, has (2) Omni 6+ transceivers which include power supplies, mikes and all filters. Asking $1200 each.

He can be reached at (845) 551-0379



Bob KC1AKV, has an Icom RC-70 receiver that he would like to trade for a
monoband or multi-band hf beam and prefers a local trade, near Montville,ME.

His email is good on qrz.com


WWA2PZI Larry, has a W2HFY I Box mike matcher and is asking $60. His email is good on qrz.comA2PZI Larry, has a W2HFY I Box mike matcher and is asking $60. His email is good on qrz.com
K1WYC Bob, has the following items:

(1) A Swan 350 w/power supply and mike in exc. cosmetic condition, tuned and with full 100 watt output.
Asking $250+ shipping.

(2) He has a Heathkit DX-60, completely refurbished for $200+shipping.

(3) He has a Heathkit HW-12 75m transceiver, with power supply, mike and speaker for $250+shipping.

His email is: k1wyc@verizon.net and can be reached at (401) 822-0128. Pics. are available.

Len N8AD has a SoftRock RX/TX SSB ensemble kit using surface-mount components, configurable for five different band combos. Asking $70 shipped. His email is: n8ad@roadrun

                         Hams looking for Items

Tom AC1S, is looking for two high voltage variable capacitors, 200 to 300 pf value.   They should be rated for 2000 to 3000 volts.

His email is: talbertin@ieee.org


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