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Items For Sale

K3YUB  AL  Glenshaw, Pa.   k3yub@verizon.net
Kenwood TS-480SAT  Mint Condition
Has SO-3 TCXO and YF1-7SN 1.8KHz Narrow SSB filter installed.
Comes with original manual, power cord, and box.
Asking $700..00 Shipped
Email Al ( k3yub@verizon.net)  to arrange a phone call.

KE1MB  Joe  North Andover, Mass  Phone: 857-222-3949
Joe has a large assortment of items including HF Radios, Computer Parts, Test Equipment, Microwave Components and test items such as Couplers, loads, power supplies, etc.
Also has a pair of 8874 ( 3CX400A7 ) Tubes for $200.00 each.
Joe's email  gesticart@gmail.com
Please email or call Joe for further information on available equipment and items.



Hams looking for Items

K4NDY   Sam   Chatsworth,  GA   Phone 706-695-5658
Sam is looking for 2--811A Tubes.


Hams looking to Trade

Nothing this week

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