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List Date:  April 16, 2014        Previous Week
                           Hams selling Items


WT2S / Bill / QRZ & ARRL.  WT2S@HTVA.net  

Icom PW-1, HF amplifier, 160-10 meters. 1 KW output, has built in auto tuner and remote head.  Currently wired for 220V, can be configured to run on 110V at reduced output.  This is a nice amp if you have an Icom rig as it auto follows your vfo for band changes.  Works 100%  Serial #01097.    $2500 CASH or Best offer. Appearance is a 10. 



K1HV / Jerry / AmatK1HV@charter.net

1-1930 model Vibroplex Lightning Bug in case and sparkling shape, w/Japanned Base $ 320.00

1- 1940’s Vintage J-38 Straight Key still in original cardboard box-----$80.00

1- 1964 Model Vibroplex Original Presentation Bug in case ----$220

1- 1968 Model Vibro-keyer Chrome in great shape --------$60

1- 1996 Model Vibroplex Iambic Standard Keyer ------$150

1- D-104 Silver Eagle Microphone in great shape---------$100

1- D-104 Midnite Eagle Microphone in great shape---------$ 110

1- Icom IC-718 Transceiver in original boxes w/mic and manual works 100%-----$525

1- LDG FT (for Yaesu FT-857/897) swr power meter new in box--------$25

1- Ameritron ADL-2500 dry dummy load w/fan Brand new in box ----------$180

1- Ameritron ALS-1300 solid state amplifier w/10 meter mod. 1 year old works 100% -- $2400

1- Ameritron ARI-500 Remote Control/ auto tuning to Yaesu radioes w/cables below----$110

1- Ameritron ARB-704 Amp. interface for Yaesu to ALS-1300 (both brand new in boxes)---$55

1- MFJ-998 Intellituner 1.5 KW Auto. Tuner 1 year old w/boxes, manuals, etc.-----$ 550

1- Set of Amer.-MFJ Amp-Tuner-Yaesu cables above (5114Y3,RJ8DY,PNP8M brand new)------$60

1- Kantronics KAM TNC in original carton----------$35

1- Alinco DJ-190 HT w/ 2 batteries and quick charger ----------$30

3- Astatic D-104 Chrome Microphones w/ or w/o amplifiers ---$30 – 45



K1PAI / Roger / QRZ


Sangean 909 World Band receiver with mods by World Radio Labs. Works on AC or Batteries.  Works best with outside antenna but has whip ant.  $150 plus shipping



WA3PBD / Andy /412 414 0308

Drake Converter Consol with TC6, TC2 SC6, SC2, Xtal Cal and P/S Use with TR 4 or B Line C Line etc for VHF $1200 + ship


W1DWA  / Don  / w1dwa@nycap.rr.com

 Rig Blaster Plug 'n Play  with Manual $50 shipped CONUS



KD2AKQ  / William / kd2akq@gmail.com

Astatic Desk Mic model 1104c Base Mic with Vol and Tone control currently with 8 pin Icom connector.  $100 Shipped CONUS


WB3T / Robert /radiowb3t@AOL.COM

Sale or Trade Heathkit HW-8 Beautiful Condx has lighted dial mod and S-meter mode (can easily be removed if desired

W2FMB / Fred /  fbarth15@verizon.net

Hammarlund HQ-170-A   Ham band receiver, excellent condition, professionally aligned with new tubes and working Telechron clock and manual. $225 plus shipping.     


                         Hams looking for Items


WF2D  /Howard / WF2D@AOL.COM  or  856 457 2542

Looking for a memory keyer preferably a winkey compatible model


WB3T / Robert  / radiowb3t@AOL.COM

 Looking for a Yaesu FT747gx  Will buy or trade 


W2BP / Paul / 609 971 6284

 Looking for Rack Mount Handles for an Icom Transceiver and a Nice Heathkit Tuner 2060A in EX Condx





KZ1N / Frank /860-379-1397








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