East Coast Amateur Radio Service
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Have you changed your Call Sign, QTH, email address, or other membership information?  This form is intended to provide ECARS members an easy means to inform the Secretary / Treasurer of changed data.

Before using this form, please verify, via the ECARS Membership Lookup tool on the ECARS website home page, that your membership is still valid and has not expired.  If your membership has expired, do NOT use this form, use the Join/Renew Application menu option.

Submission of this form will result in an email being sent to the Secretary / Treasurer providing him the changed information below.

If you would rather not use this form, you can send an email to W4FI@ECARS7255.COM, or send a letter to ECARS, P.O. Box 5923, Hudson, FL,  34674-5923.

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