Frostfest 2018, Richmond VA

ECARS had a booth at the hamfest again in 2017, manned by WA4THR and N4HCI.  The following ECARS members, former members, & possible future members signed in at the booth: 

Call SignMemberECARS #Name
WA6YOUY6008Ron Payne
N3AOY*3326Carter Craigie
KI4FONY4939Don Smith
WB3EHSY30352E. David Huston
WA3JY30374Allan Johnson
WB4EDBY4871Smiley White
WG8ARY*8278George Robinson
KX4HHN- - -Vinny Poto
K0LVSN- - -Vern Eubanks
WA3GIN Y3243Dave Jordan
KE4PRLY*4722Eddie Knight
WA4QFPY4986William Gandel
KC3JCQN- - -Gregory Pula
WA4LTYN- - -George Brewer
KE4URBN- - -Jerry Glass
KN4FEEN- - -Tim Coleman
KJ4ELIN- - -Jack Deem
* Membership expired

WA4THR, Vic, Manning the Booth at FrostFest 2018

K4AMG Memorial Amateur Radio Club, from Chesapeake VA. The K4AMG organization is dedicated to conducting training for the next generation and this year they set up interactive simple electrical circuits (batteries, wires, Playdoh, LEDs) demonstrating the difference between open circuits, shorted circuits, and functional circuits with power being delivered to a load (LED). It was fun watching the Ham parents enjoying their children interacting with the K4AMG instructor. WA4THR made them aware of the Grant Program for just this sort of activity.