Frostfest 2017, Richmond VA

ECARS had a booth at the hamfest again in 2017, manned by WA4THR and N4HCI.  The following ECARS members, former members, & possible future members signed in at the booth:  WB4EDB, KI4FON, WB4FUR, WA3GIN, KM4KIY, N4ERM, AF4CS, W4BUE, KD4FUN, WA2JZQ, WA4QFP, K4MT, N4MQU, AB2S, KJ4IT, WW9Z, N9PGJ, W4BRU, K3WRY, AK4OL, WV0L, and K4JZQ.

WA4THR, Vic, talking with a visitor to the booth.

N4HCI manning ECARS Table.  Former 1970s vintage ECARS NCS, W4BUE, Rich, was manning the adjacent table for the K4AMG Amateur Memorial Radio Club.  His club is very active in teaching young students to be HAMS.  They even buy the first rig for those who get their license.  See them at

KJ4IT, Jerry, left us with a QSL card, cleverly made so that the picture on the card was also the image in the monitor's screen.

W4BRU, Bruce, of the Richmond Amateur Radio Club


WB4EDB, Smiley, chatting with WA4THR, Vic

WA3GIN, Dave, stopped by sporting ECARS colors.

Brothers Mike (N9PGJ) and Mark (WW9Z).  Mark's hat is sporting the large set of silver dolphins indicated his US submarine service.


K4JZQ, Larry, of Charlottesville, VA.  See his QRZ page to see a picture of him releasing a convalesced immature female eagle in Sitka AK


KD4FUN, Brian, and his spouse came up from Havelock, North Carolina


Following are images of general Frost Fest activities